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      Dermal Fillers

      Available February 1st, 2022

      We offer a wide variety of FDA-approved dermal fillers to help you smooth out unwanted age lines and adding volume to your features.

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      Typical treatment may require multiple syringes to complete your treatment:

      • Lips: 1
      • Cheeks: 1
      • Tear trough (under eye): 1
      • Chin: 2
      • Temple: 2
      • Jaw: 3

      Dermal Fillers Treatment Aftercare

      Dermal Fillers Philadelphia PA

      Dermal Fillers are safe and effective, however, there are some precautions you need to take after your treatment.

      Do not use sauna, steam, or perform strenuous exercise for 48-hours. Avoid direct sunlight for 48-hours. Avoid frequent touching of the injected area. Avoid make-up for first 12-hours to minimize the chance of infection. Avoid alcohol, ibuprofen or aspirin for 48-hours to minimize bruising.

      Lumps and bumps are normal for first 14 days and normally, self-resolving. Allow enough time for residual inflammation to settle down and apply ice to swollen areas. Take Tylenol for tenderness post-treatment. Signs and symptoms of complications include: area of pale, white skin, extreme swelling, delayed capillary refill, severe pain and heat, and mottled skin.

      If any of these occur, please call our office at (215) 574-3573. If you suffer from cold sores, always let your healthcare practitioner know at the time of the consultation.

      For more information, please visit our Dermal Filler Injections patient education page.

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